Tenshi is a cosplayer, costumer, artist and photo editor. For her, cosplay is the ultimate hobby that fuses all the fragments of her interests, and she's been through a lot - drawing, acting, weaving, jewellery making... Officially, she's also a decent architecture student, but somehow manages to devote a fair amount of time to her favorite hobby. She's into many crafts nowadays as well, but mainly chooses to embody them through costumes and performances of her favorite characters from various franchises, mostly Japanese pop culture oriented.

Her passion reflects in cosplaying pretty boys and gender-queer people, while her girls are carefully chosen, usually with good reason and a backstory.
Tenshi prides herself in making all of her costumes on her own, while also endlessly enjoying crafting sessions with her friends and cosplay buddies. She's her own seamstress, wig stylist, art director and photo editor.